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Yinlun Vision
To be a world-class respected heat exchanger and emission after-treatment solution provider.

Yinlun Mission
To build a better life for society, customers and shareholders by providing values through heat exchanger and emission after-treatment products and service.

Yinlun Core Values
Integrity Excellence Striving Innovation

Yinlun Corporate Culture
Operating Concept: Unite all forces that can be united, integrating all possible resources, combining all positive elements together.

Quality View: Quality is the life, the soul, the brand, and the pride of Yinlun People

Customer Orientation: Customer-centric, providing continuous creation and addition of value to customers for their sustained success.

Learning Orientation: Keep developing your organization through training and creative opportunities; we need not only improve ourselves, but ensure our successors be even more exceptional.

Talent Orientation: Respect and love your people, be people-oriented, open and inclusive; Challenge yourself and be courageous to take responsibility. Responsible and effective management, including the willingness to help others is among the greatest assets of Yinlun.

Environmental Responsibility Orientation: Support environmentally compliant development by providing environmentally friendly products and building green factories. Strive to become a respectable enterprise, being grateful to those who helped you, while assuming more social responsibility.

Yinlun Operating Concepts
Yinlun is fully aware that continuous creation of value for our customers is the basis for our survival and development. Yinlun will provide value-added products and services to our customers to ensure they maintain their competitive advantage.
Yinlun’s mission is to always exceed customer expectations. We will continue employing the latest business model, integrating all internal and external resources, providing the best solution with the best quality at the lowest cost, including on-time delivery ensuring our end-to-end management far surpasses customer expectations.

Yinlun expects to achieve relationships with its customers greater than traditional supply and buy relationships. Yinlun’s customer relationships involve strategic partnerships and capital cooperation, to reach a community of mutually shared interests, responsibilities, and successful future.

Considering its sustainable growth, Yinlun is willing to assume social and environmental responsibilities, make contributions to the communities in which it operates, and strive for the happiness of its customers, shareholders, and employees and their family members.
address:76 Shenzhen Avenue, Jingzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Hubei Province

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