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Meibiao held the the Third Session……
Meibiao held the the Third Session Ⅱ Board Conference to span the year of 2012

December 24, 2011, Meibiao held the Third Session Ⅱ Board Conference in the King Kowloon Hotel. All directors, shareholders, supervisors and senior administers were presented the meeting on which G.M. Guo explained the production condition of 2011 and the developmental plan of 2012.

As for company’s philosophy, development and value, chairman Xu Xiaomin put forward some specific requirements, that it, we must grasp the developmental tendency and try to use our strengths to fight against other’s weaknesses while meeting the marketing challenges. We should continuously strengthen the R&D coordination with Yinlun, constantly improve technical equipments and products, rapidly enter new markets and industries and selectively widen superior customers so as to enhance core competitiveness and anti-risk capability, moreover, to build up customers’ and suppliers’ confidence in Meibiao’s development.

Chairman Xu Xiaomin also emphasized that we should take advantage of headquarter’s resources to realize Meibiao and Yinlun’s coordinated development. In addition, we should set up right value to do more good deeds to our customers to accelerate Meibiao’s development.
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